Meet Our Screen Repair Company!

We've Been Doing Screen Repair In Fleming Island For A Long Time!

Although you may want to know about us, usually the real question is “Why Quillco Screen Repair“?

We’re glad you asked.

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Meet Our Screen Repair Company!

Here’s why you should use Quillco for you pool cage screen repair.

It All Comes Down To Who We Are As Screen Repairers

Our Résumé

We are the Fleming Island screen repair experts!

We’ve been repairing screens since 1989

We are insured, licensed and good at what we do.

We have lots of experience.

Our History

We’ve served the Jacksonville area for a long time and have done 1000s of screen repairs and installations here. In fact, we are one of the number one local screen enclosure repair companies and we really take pride in our history.

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Our Tools

Why should our tools make a difference? Because using the right tools, and not going cheap, means we can give you a better quality job and still save you a ton of money.

Plus we can do better work, faster. After all, isn’t that one of the main goals we all have?

Our Team

We have a team of techs that really understand and know screen repairs. They are qualified professionals that really strive to do their best work for you every day.

Also, Our Reviews Are Stellar!

We can say a lot about ourselves, that is what this page is all about, but when it comes down to it, you want to trust that the company you choose to do your service knows what they are doing and treats you right. What better way to find that out than by reading our reviews, like the one below.

A Screen Repair Testimonial

Great service. Very happy with their work. I had screens damaged from Hurricane Irma, and they fixed ones that I didn’t even notice were damaged. Would definitely use them again.

Greg Stratton

History of John Quillen

Hi, I’m John!

I have been working on sunrooms and screen enclosures 1985. I started as a laborer at a local screen repair company while on a summer break in high school. I worked after school, on weekends and throughout the summers to put myself through college. Along the way, I learned all there is to know about screen enclosure repair.

I worked full time as crew leader after I graduated from college. We built small screen enclosures and eventually stepped up to building large pool cages.

By the time I was 27, I was a field engineer. That means that I did all the engineering for permitting all the enclosures for a large business here in Jacksonville. We were building over 100 pool enclosures every month!

By 2004 I was building four season sunrooms and was a general manager for an enclosure business here. I did that for 6 years until my growth stagnated. At that time I started considering going out on my own and in 2011 I started Quillco Service Co. with my brother Matthew Milihovszky.

With nearly 3 decades of aluminum construction experience (the frames of 99% of all pool screens and sunrooms are aluminum) I have gained much knowledge and expertise in how to properly rescreen and of course build pool screen enclosures.

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