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We repair storm-damaged screens all over Jacksonville. But especially here in the Fleming Island area.

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    Like us, you are probably excited to get this project moving along. New replaced or installed screens are always a benefit when relaxing in the Florida sun. In the meantime, here are a few common questions that maybe we can answer before our chat:

    Do you have a minimum charge to replace/repair screens?

    Yes. Because small screens and single screens aren’t profitable, but they take a lot of time to do, we have a minimum charge of $125.

    Can I just buy the screen material from you and do it myself?

    No. You can get those supplies from local hardware stores, though. In fact, for single-screen repairs, I suggest you go to one of these. If you need a suggestion, or are not sure, please give me a call.

    How many screens have you repaired?

    I estimate that Quillco has built or repaired some 3000+ pool cages and enclosures.

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